About us

 S4DISK is a private limited company exist in New Delhi, India.

Our motto is "development and success" because we believe that development is very compulsory for the success. So we are providing the services to develop for the human being so that they get success in the all sector in their life.

Services Like- Career Counselling, Admission, Education, Coaching, Training, Skill Development, Jobs, Immigration, Advertising & marketing for employer and Business Explorer tools etc.

Our Company is working to especially illiterate, literate and physically challenged persons, So that they can get success in their life.



Board of Directors

Santosh Kumar

Founder & Director

Mr. Santosh Kumar S/o Shri Shiv Singh born in 1979 at Mathura (U.P.) India.He is married in 2006. His qualification is M.Sc. He believe in "everyone can get success in his life."

Deepa Aggarwal

Chairperson & Managing Director

Deepa Aggarwal W/o Mr. Santosh Kumar born in 1982 At Aligarh (U.P.) India. Her Qualification is B.A. Her motto is "everyone's life must be beautiful and joyful", so that every human being enjoy their life.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop all the human beings (from labour class to upper class) from the villages to cities. So that they learn well, do work well, earn more money to live a better life style.

Our Core Value

Our Mission

Our Mission is that we bring prosperity in society through successful creative development works with great respect, honesty, consistency, quality and fairness, by working in the group, by the influence of our knowledge, leadership and authority.

हमारा संकल्प

हमारा संकल्प है कि हम समूह में काम करके अपने ज्ञान, नेतृत्व और अधिकार के प्रभाव से बड़े आदर, ईमानदारी, स्थिरता, गुणवत्ता और निष्पक्षता के साथ सफल रचनात्मक विकास कार्यो के द्वारा समाज में सम्पन्नता लाये.